Wednesday, August 12, 2009

You’re Still the One

Darling, I, Aiko and Calvin went to Ranau (Mount Kinabalu) for no reason… because K.K here was fuckin boring, we almost visit all the place and shop at here… *sigh* I really hope that K.K here can open more shopping mall, or some nice place for Yam Cha…

Early morning (Emm… actually near 12p.m), Aiko and I den wake up prepare to go Ranau… we wake up so late because the day before we went to Sadong Jaya there makan… (We always complain we are too fat, but we still go for supper at so late… girls… sigh…)

So… after we finish prepare, we wait for my dearest come to pick us…
Today dear become Ahmad again to fetch us to Ranau.

Mr. Calvin playing around with his new toy

Love you more each day my dearest… You really pamper me like a princess… Never meet a guy so sweet like u…
I’m so worry about my practical stuff… I dono why until now still not yet get any response from any hotel… I so worst meh… sigh… why no hotel wan me... *cry*
Please pray hard for me… I really hope that can work in Beach Hotel…

Looks like we made it
Look how far we've come my baby
We mighta took the long way
We knew we'd get there someday

They said, "I bet they'll never make it"
But just look at us holding on
We're still together still going strong

You're still the one I run to
The one that I belong to
You're still the one I want for life
You're still the one that I love
The only one I dream of
You're still the one I kiss good night

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  1. a man who easily get jealous and narrow minded is not qualified to love anybody!!!Especially u Lim min!!!Better find another 1 laa...sumore SEOW KC is CHICKEN SHIT!!!