Thursday, July 2, 2009

I Always Was Your Girl

Sugar… what is your feel when you seeing this blog… happy..?? Surprise…? Excited…??? Haha… I start to blog because I want to record our love story and show people how important you in my life… *smooch*
This month is our 6th month… unbelievable… This month really happen so many things… but anyway… thanks for your accompany and helping… I really love u so much….
Now I still remember how we meet, when we meet, where we meet and why we know each other... I feel so lucky to have you in my life… thanks darl… You really are my angel to protect me and take care for me… I really appreciate everything u done for me… my lover…

Love you every single day!! *Hugs and kisses*

Delicious lunch to celebrate our 6month, after we went for interview…

Congratz darl!!!
Won the COD4 competition… Smuakx…

I know you're down again
You see nothing but rain
You put your friends through hell
That's why we get along so well
You see
I always was your girl
Always will be
You and me against the world
We know the years can give
Romance to the street
where we once lived
You wonder why no one called
Between you and me, we
scared them off

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